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Defence, space, artificial intelligence

About the company

AICRAFT is a South Australian company designing and manufacturing the next generation of smart sensors and systems that perform Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge. Our applications are mainly in Defence, space, aerospace but we also provide AI solutions for other sectors.

Our unique proposition is in the way we optimise AI models and execute them with world-class hardware accelerators developed in-house and customisable to different embedded system architectures. This offers maximum efficiency and versatility in applications, handling both imagery and signal data agnostically. Our current activities involve a range of software and products that integrate AI at the edge in novel cameras, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, spectrum analysers and satellite payloads.

We are a fast-growing company looking for people that are interested in space and the development of trusted autonomous systems and networks. While our internships provide exposure to a multitude of disciplines and product developments, they are tangible opportunities that may lead to future employment for the successful candidates.


Project description

This is an exciting role for an intern to join our development team and contribute towards products that will enhance the safety and security of all Australians. You will assist in the fabrication of a range of small beacons, IoT devices and a radio gateway kit (transmitter and receiver station) that are part of our secure wireless and long-range emergency response solution. Relevant sensing technologies for this project include ultrasonic, optical, infrared and time-of-flight. This position is aimed at bringing complementary skills to our developers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models and engineers building larger systems. In the second part of the project, you will work on a more complex system involving a field programmable gate array (FPGA). On-the-job training and assistance will be provided to build essential skills and domain knowledge.


Key tasks and responsibilities

  • Participate in the design, fabrication and validation process of small IoT devices;
  • Perform electrical/electronic design calculations, modelling, simulation and verification testing;
  • Work closely with the team to ensure solutions meet specification requirements;
  • Prepare and deliver briefing material and technical report, as required;
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of cyber security procedures for development and production work.


Selection criteria

This role will suit a candidate who is:

  • Familiar with electronics, electrical engineering principles and analysis of engineering systems;
  • Capable of defining system specifications and architecture for elementary devices;
  • Proficient in soldering, elementary machining and product assembly;
  • Team oriented and enjoys multi-disciplinary work;
  • Proficient in their verbal and written communication skills;
  • Demonstrating a can-do attitude and always willing to learn.


Other desirable skills and attributes

  • Some familiarity with embedded systems and either Arduino boards, Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano;
  • Some familiarity with Linux and programming in either Python, Matlab/Simulink, C/C++;
  • Willingness to learn and experiment with Multiprocessor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) and Radio Frequency System-on-Chip (RFSoC);
  • Willingness to work on Defence-related applications.


Benefits to the intern

  • Gain hands-on experience with several technologies and easy-to-build devices;
  • Rapidly grow your knowledge and proficiency outside your core skillset;
  • Learn about end-to-end systems and embedded systems;
  • Interact and be mentored by experienced professionals in the field;
  • Develop leadership skills and identify possible future career path.

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